Rehab For All

Adult and Pediatric
Physical, Occupational & Speech
Therapy in Colorado

Drug-free Pain Management, Sports Rehab, Hand Therapy, Balance, Vestibular Rehab, Child Developmental Milestones, POTS, Developmental, Feeding, Sensory & Behavioral Therapy, and many other specialties.







RehabForAll®️ was founded by caring therapists to specifically address the needs of adults and children in Colorado.

We provide the best possible therapy services by coordinating and tailoring our care plan to each person, knowing nothing gets done without the family’s involvement and the patient’s needs being met. The clients we serve excel because our team of Behavior Analysts (BCBA, RBT) and Therapists (OT, PT & SLP) work seamlessly together and truly care, because this is our calling.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists help a person learn to independently perform gross motor skills such as walking, running, jumping, climbing, skipping, hopping, and navigating stairs.  A variety of treatment interventions are used including: therapeutic exercise, mobility/safety training, prevention programs, coordination and developmental activities. Our Physical Therapists also specialize in techniques using ultrasound, iontophoresis, massage, dry needling, cupping, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, and much more!

Occupational Therapy

When a person experiences an illness or injury, occupational therapy services may be provided.  These services are developmentally appropriate and emphasize physical skills to increase movement, strength, and coordination.  Treatment incorporates adaptive skills, cognitive abilities, sensory-motor, visual motor and perceptual skills.  The person’s functional abilities and independence are addressed through social and interpersonal skills.  Learning can be difficulty when emotional and behavioral problems impact daily activities (ie. controlling impulses and anger). Providing services in the clinic or in your home when permitted and beneficial where challenges and needs can be addressed. Occupational Therapy can help a person return to work and prior level of functioning regarding activities of daily living like preparing meals, getting dressed without pain, and grooming.

Speech Therapy

A Speech Therapist is a certified speech-language pathologist.  They address speech, language, articulation, vocal sounds, fluency, literacy, pragmatics, hearing disorders and swallowing.  Any speech or language problem is likely to have a significant effect on the person’s social and academic skills and behavior.  Early speech and language intervention can help a person be more successful with reading, writing, schoolwork, and interpersonal relationships. A Speech Therapist can also help a person with feeding needs to ensure proper nutritional intake.