RehabForAll® was founded by caring therapists to specifically address the needs of adults and children in Colorado.

Who We Are

We provide the best possible pediatric services by coordinating and tailoring our care plan to each person, knowing nothing gets done without the family’s involvement and the adult’s needs being met.  The people we serve excel because our team of Therapists (OT, PT & SLP) work seamlessly together and truly care, because this is our calling.  

To our Referring Physicians

Thank you.
All services begin with a physician’s referral. We will provide regular updates, so you know how the person under your care is progressing in therapy.

Mission Statement

To care for people. To build a culture of caring and change the lives of the families we serve. To care for our employees so that they may put everything they have into caring for our clients.


To passionately exceed a standard of care that ensures all people will be given the opportunity to experience life at its fullest.


By strict adherence to our mission statement, we will expand our services throughout the United States and partner with organizations that have like-minded values.